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YES! Your Spokesperson & AI Chatbot are a 100% cloud-based solution. This means it works on any operating system. BotCake requires just one line of code to be added to your site – works perfectly in any browser on any computer or device. This frictionless level of engagement keeps your brand experience cohesive yet at the same time personalized, across your entire user base.

ABSOLUTELY! Your Spokesperson & AI Chatbot work on all computers, smart phones and smart devices (IOS and Android). This revolutionary new way to talk to your customers -- all of them -- in a humanlike, intelligent, conversational way through BotCake's automated service will improve your bottom line with little or no effort on your part – wherever and however it is viewed.

PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY! No other Chat Solution leverages Avatars/Spokespersons to allow your brand to present a short message to each of your visitors and guide them into the Chat and your desired outcome. Your Spokesperson & AI Chatbot come loaded with industry-leading features not available anywhere else - at any price. This includes:

  • Smart AI Chat Automation
  • Spokesperson & 3D Avatars
  • Award-Winning Digital Text-to-Speech
  • Lip-Sync Technology
  • Instant Language Translation
  • Logo Mapping for Branding

and a whole lot more!

You get all this for a low, jaw-dropping price – PLUS we do all the work for you.

NO! We do all of the setup and monitoring, plus coordinate with you to make necessary adjustments based on visitor responses to your brand. You will be provided one line of code to place on the desired web page(s). If you don’t have a webmaster or need help with installation, we can do this for you at no cost! You don’t have to learn a thing. Just sit back and let the magic happen.

Getting started is easy. Regardless of plan, we require you to start with the 15-Day free trial so you can be sure our Chat Solution is a fit for your website and business. You’ll witness our technology working for you and you won’t have to lift a finger or need to learn a thing.

The low, one-time setup fee is necessary because, unlike other chat services, we don’t make you learn our system and build your own bots and chat flowcharts. We want our service to be convenient for you. We do it all for you. This, as you know, costs time and money. But you don’t pay the fee until you’ve completed your 15-day free trial so you are sure this solution is right for your business.

Every new client starts with a 15-day free trial. To proceed after the trial, the setup fee is paid the first month, then the monthly maintenance fee each month thereafter. There are no refunds after the free trial. We do not take any credit card information until you are ready to buy.

NO! As part of every BotCake package, you are getting access to EVERY FEATURE inside your plan. Payment will include the setup cost for the 1st month, then a recurring fee each month thereafter. No upsells or hidden cost – everything is included!

They are melted down, just like the Terminator! No, not really. Actually, after you've canceled your subscription your spokesperson/chatbots will be de-activated and will no longer respond to any message. Renewing your subscription will re-activate your spokesperson/chatbots.

Canceling during your trial period will de-activate your spokesperson/chatbot after the 15-day free trial period ends and you will not be charged (but why would you risk that?).

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What is a Spokesperson?

A website spokesperson is a human actor or a 3D Avatar positioned at the bottom of your website to present an important message you want your visitors to hear. The spokesperson delivers your key marketing message to EVERY visitor. This changes the feel of your website. It's more human, accessible, and helpful. This level of personalized communication minimizes friction when guiding visitors to your desired outcome. BotCake offers Human Spokespersons in 90 business niches. Greet visitors with helpful, niche-specific information and a closing Call-To-Action. Their ready-made messaging has been pre-recorded by actors & actresses. 3D Avatars use text-to-speech(TTS), delivered by ultra-premium voice, to tell your business story to users. Personalize with your unique marketing message or use our proven sales scripts to drive conversions forward. Either Spokesperson is budget-friendly & provides an excellent ROI.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are software apps that simulate human conversations with website visitors & can interact with them. Numerous, repetitive tasks can also be automated to save time and effort. Many businesses are using Chatbots to improve & scale the customer experience whether for shopping, booking, or customer service. Chatbots have infinite capacity to scale your business's online efforts. Their Artificial Intelligence ensures that your human resources are only used when they’re needed. Using a Chatbot to respond automatically to visitors improves the user experience, builds brand loyalty, & improves conversions. Your Chatbot can be customized to match your brand’s color scheme. Visitors are engaged with images, gifs, videos, & emojis. Like phone messages, Chatbot messaging is less formal to match voice-of-customer language. A successful Chatbot strikes a balance between conversational, friendly, and helpful interactions for your business. And when people like you, they are more likely to buy from you.

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What Is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization is the process of persuading your existing traffic to complete a goal when they visit your website. This involves designing & modifying elements of a web page after careful testing. The aim is to reduce friction on your page while also addressing the fears, objections, & doubts that prevent visitors from 'converting'. It's an ongoing process but can skyrocket revenues when done properly. By adding a Spokesperson or Chatbot, you can increase your conversions overnight. Your Spokesperson can speak to fears & objections while your Chatbot provides an engaging, interactive platform to reassure & convince visitors. Chat log feedback will reveal which questions are holding your customers back. Then modifying your Spokesperson's script or chatflow will allow us to address your visitor's concerns. Once you start using a BotCake Spokesperson & Chatbot, you'll never want to stop because you will see an immediate impact on conversions. Your site will drive more results from your existing traffic simply by talking & interacting with your visitors. The best part? You don't have to learn a thing to make it work! We do it all for you.

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