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Getting good website traffic is great. Unfortunately it does not guarantee good conversions. Unless you're running the Kardashian's Instagram account, traffic is not what you're actually interested in. You want conversions. If you're getting clicks but struggling to grow your conversions, BotCake can fix this problem. By using a Spokesperson on your site, you'll create empathy & rapport with visitors while delivering key marketing messages. By adding an AI Chatbot, you can connect with people using their preferred channel, enabling personalized communication at scale. It's budget-friendly and easier than you think.

Make Your Website Grab The Visitor's Attention

To get conversions, you must first grab attention. Did you notice how the feel of this website changed when Nigel was talking to you? It's more human, accessible, and available. When you capture people's attention through targeted spoken messaging & helpful customer chat, you'll minimize friction while guiding them to your desired outcome. BotCake works for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on company. Our innovative technology is loaded with tons of features that compel visitors & automate tasks on your website. Affordable and powerful, It's the right tool to get better conversions from your CURRENT traffic & EXISTING web pages.

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User Engagement

Your Customer Has Evolved. Shouldn't you?

Todays customers expect help & info to be available on demand or they'll bounce to a competitor to find it. Our Website Spokepersons & AI Chatbots answer the call for this demand. If you're still using impersonal contact forms & traditional follow-up, days later, your site needs to step up it's digital marketing game. With intriguing Spokespersons, paired with compelling AI Chatbot flows, we know how to make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer. This isn't some boilerplate solution that the so-called experts are always pushing. This is a true game changer that starts turning website traffic into more conversions immediately. Relax, it's a piece of cake. But if you have any questions, head over to our sweet list of FAQs.

How it works.

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BotCake AI Chatbots Capture Customer Leads, Automate Scheduling, Answer Questions and Keep Visitors Engaged 24/7/365

Leverage Futuristic 'Artificial Intellegence' Technology to Skyrocket Your LEADS and SALES......with BotCake, it's Easier To Do Than You Ever Imagined!

An Experience Your Customers Will Love

Boost engagement with a Website SpokespersonIntroduce your company, products, or services to each visitor on your website. Get your message out to potential customers to build trust, lower bounce rate, and most importantly, increase revenue. Increase visitor interaction with an AI ChatbotOffer cool discounts, promote timely specials, answer questions, set appointments, qualify leads, and much more to increase interaction & sales. Let's face it, without a customer service presence, your super cool website feels more like the creepy, abandoned house in a horror movie ("Hellooo? Is anyone there?") Improve the experience for your online customers & guide them through your website. With BotCake.

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Conversational Marketing

Fully Interactive Experience Tailored For Your Audience

Most chatbot solutions require YOU to build & develop chatbots while paying handsomely for the privilege. Are you ready to add developer to your list of duties? Choose to save time & money instead of trying to grasp the ins-and-outs of chatbot development on the weekends. Besides, that time’s already reserved for binge watching Netflix. With BotCake, you don’t have to learn or build anything. We do it all for you. We’ll create a customized chat experience that fits perfectly with your business & takes advantage of the power of one-to-one conversation. Are you ready to provide an unforgettable user experience, while delivering exactly what online visitors need, when they need it? Then take it for a test drive free for 15-days.

You Too Will Be Thrilled


"Amazing service! The team at Botcake built a custom chatbot for our website that increases customer engagement. Fast delivery and quick communication are just two reasons we'll be using their service for all our chatbot needs."

5 Star Rating MIKE B.


"Just adding an Avatar to our homepage to greet all of our customers resulted in a dramatic increase in our conversion rate! He keeps visitors engaged like nothing else I've seen! I'll be using BotCake on all my websites and promotions from now on."

5 Star Rating STEVE B.


"The amazing team at BotCake has helped me get many conversions, with their new innovative idea of a chatbot system. When first seeing the spokesperson on a website it surprises you and grabs your attention. And this is exactly one of the principles we strive for as a marketing agency. Great work!"

5 Star Rating JAMES W.


"I had never heard of Conversational Marketing before but watching one of your human spokespersons was my A-ha moment. It made sense immediately. So I had to get it for our site. WOW! Our conversion rate jumped to 9.2%! If I’ve made one investment that has really paid off this year, it has to be BotCake!"

5 Star Rating SIMINA F.

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